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If the latest does not work try: app for connecting to Amateur Radio (Ham Radio) online servers. This version uses opengl ES 2.0 for the waterfall graphics display and may not work in some devices. Click on the menu on the bottom right corner to select the online servers.For information of glSDR and the servers, use the About menu.The first client that connects to a server is in master mode, and has control over the vfo and other controls so that it can tune and change bands and frequency etc. Subsequent client connections will be put in slave mode where the slave clients can only listen to the audio and watch the spectrum and waterfall in passive mode. When the master disconnects, the next slave in line will become the new master. When there are many simultaneous clients, the network bandwidth may be exceeded and some slaves will not have audio. You can see the master/slave status of your connection in the Title bar.There is automatic Rx IQ Correction that you can enable/disable via the DSP tab.  Note that you should enable Rx IQ Correction only for servers connected to IQ based SDR hardware (eg Softrock, UHFSDR), but NOT for direct sampling hardware (eg Perseus).It has better display for high bandwidth servers. These servers have sampling rates of 480 ksps or more thus the spectrum/waterfall displays a wide bandwidth.Minimum of Ver 8 is needed for new versions of servers with a revamped Local Oscillator Offset mechanism.Ver 9 has spectrum/waterfall zoom feature. Use pinch motion to zoom/unzoom. I have found it easier to put one finger in a fixed position, and then zoom/unzoom by moving the other finger.Ver 10 has improved drag tuning taking into account the zoom factor.Ver 11 has been tweaked for backward compatibility with Android 2.2 devices.Ver 12 has Spectrum Averaging options and also one FMN filter at 80khz for listening to Wide Band FM Broadcasts.Ver 13 has more Spectrum Averaging levels.glSDR has TRANSMIT capability in voice modes, ie SSB, AM, NBFM etc. However, you need to supply the User and Password to enable transmit when connecting to a password protected server (ie ALL the public online servers). Also, it requires that your device is capable of MIC input at 8khz sampling rate. DO NOT install this version if your device is not compatible !!!Version 25 has FILTER MENU updated when MODE changes. The zoom action is also magnified when unzoomed or at low zoom so that you can zoom "faster" initially.Version 26 has been tweaked to support Adreno GPU based devices by working around some issues with 24 bit color transparent overlay surfaces in Adreno driver.Version 27 has the waterfall initialized correctly.Version 28 has bugfix for band specific frequency after changing from a slave connection to a master connection.Version 29 has a customized View of the FILTER MENU to indicated the currently selected Filter.Version 30 has a customized View of the SERVER MENU to indicated the currently selected Server.Version 31 has an easier to understand error message when a Server is unavailable.Alex you may be please to know, i can now run the glsdr on my htc evo. With the MazWoz-EVO jelly bean rom for the HTC evo 4g :********************************************************Ive been unable to run the app for a wile. I was running a rooted GB rom that didnt support the gl 2.0 code you wrote. As I was fed up with other problems ie. google + was no-longer supported. loaded the rom up and by chance now GLsdr works great! must be the magic in the jelly bean...There is hope for other users that cant use the GLSDR. As a note I did find searching, that the gpu in the htc evo does support gl 2.0, but it would take a ROM with functional code. 73 kj6dzb**********************************************************
If the latest does not work try:

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